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Sainsbury’s TU clothing sale 25% off

Supermarkets are stepping up their game when it comes to stocking their own brand clothing, and Sainsbury's is no different with their own TU Brand.  Did you know Sainsbury's is the UK’s sixth largest clothing retailer?

This week Sainsbury's are having a massive 25% off Sale on all clothing, In the past, Sainsbury's relied on partnerships with the likes of Gok Wan to drive awareness and continues to work with the TV personality on online content, such as 'how to' styling videos. They are aiming to be 'the' high street destination retailer.

The move is of little surprise given the growth Sainsbury’s has seen in the non-food part of its businesses of late. It noted a 10% growth in Tu clothing sales over the third quarter of 2016 prompting chief executive Mike Coupe to describe it as “exceptional”

I find these sales really useful for stocking up on kids clothes, underwear and night clothes. Also don't forget it's world book day soon and you may be able to find some costumes for the kids instead of trying to cobble something together the night before!

**Hint Hint**

Valentine's day is TOMORROW so get down there and find something special for your other half.

In Northampton we have 2 Sainsbury's stores with TU departments - NB the Sainsburys local stores DON'T have a TU department. 

Gambrel Road (Near Sixfields)

Grosvenor Centre (Town Centre)

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