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Online Surveys: Northampton Student Guide

There are few Northampton students that could go without a bit of a boost to their bank balance for those many nights out down George St, never ending book lists or much needed cupboard stock ups.

Luckily for those that who fit into this category there is a wealth of online earning opportunities out there that you may not have even considered yet – and filling out online surveys is just about one of the most easy there is!

So here I fill you in on all that you need to know to get to grips with well-paying online surveys.

Let’s get straight to the all-important point

I don’t believe in messing around and talking in money making jargon or sales talk. So let me get straight to the point and answer the burning question that you no doubt have – just how much can you earn?

Well, as I’ve briefly mentioned, surveys easily offer up one of the easiest ways of earning online. To put this into solid, monetary based figures, surveys can pay as much as £5 each, which generally take around half an hour to fill in. For those not too hot on their maths, that equates to £10 an hour – almost impressive stuff, right?

So now that you’re sold on the idea of working from home, even when nursing a hangover from a big student night out, let’s look at what your options are.

Survey Websites – Who they are?
How Much you can Earn and How Long they will take?

The OpinionPanel Community – the UK’s largest research community for young people

Who are they?

It’s the students and graduates aged 16 – 30 that get the jobs. Opinion-Brand are after your opinions on brands, unis, or the government, who ask them to find out what people think… and pay you for your time!.

How much can you earn? – You will earn £1 every time you complete a 10 minute survey, and £2 or more for longer surveys..

How long will the surveys take? – These surveys can be completed between 10 and 15 minutes – with a few longer money making surveys available! You can earn bonusbond vouchers to redeem in 100s of high street stores nationwide or shopping vouchers to spend on There are also numerous freebies throughout the year!

Register for OpinionPanel


Ipsos’ iSay – The granddaddy of marketing and online surveys

Who are they?

isay Student Guide to Online Surveys

Ipsos are probably the longest running survey website. Established in 1975 these guys are known as one of the largest marketing companies in the world. They gain much of their marketing insight from the surveys that they pay people just like you to take online through their online survey website – iSay.

How much can you earn? – iSay will pay you for each survey that you take, although it is in point format. These points can then be exchanged for vouchers at a wide range of online shops.

How long will the surveys take? – These surveys can be completed between 15 and 25 minutes – perfect for filling in those spare hours between lectures with a few money making surveys!

Register for iSay surveys

Crowdology – A breath of fresh air amongst the survey websites?

Who are they?

Crowdology Student Guide to Online Surveys

Powered by another marketing giant, in this case Mortar Research, the Crowdology website provides for a pretty fresh and interesting take for these looking for money paying surveys. This can be great for keeping you engaged (but doesn’t make up for lack of surveys!)

How much can you earn? – Another thing that I’ve noticed about Crowdology is that it pays straight up cash (typically ranging between 40p and £3 per survey!).

How long will the surveys take? – Surveys range considerably in length here, taking between two and fifteen minutes.

Register on the Crowdology website


Pureprofile – Be part of brand direction and business ideas

Who are they?

pureprofile Student Guide to Online Surveys

Pureprofile work with businesses that need consumer input about decisions and guidance upon their brand. So you could be part of some big brand’s next move… how exciting!

How much can you earn? – The surveys here are at the lower end of the pay scale compared to the websites I’ve mentioned already, however at a typical rate of £2 per survey Pureprofile is far from a site to be sniffed at.

How long will the surveys take? – Surveys are generally around the same length here and can be completed within about 20 minutes once you’ve gotten to grips with the platform and survey format. Register for the Pureprofile website

Register for the Pureprofile website


YouGov – A survey site that will probe for more than your marketing input

Who are they?

yougov Student Guide to Online Surveys

YouGov are the go-to guys for many media outlets and even cover leading opinion polls for the Government and political parties. This then makes for an ideal website for those looking to feedback upon more than just consumer opinion.
How much can you earn?

This website makes for another point paying survey provider, however once you’ve earned so many points you can swap them for a £50 bank transfer. This may take you a little while to reach however as the surveys generally come in at 50p a pop.

How long will the surveys take? – Around 20 minutes.

Register on the YouGove website

A final little survey gem: Swagbucks – An interesting platform with more than just surveys

Swagbucks are definitely worth a punt!

I’ve written a review about the Swagbucks platform, so be sure to read my guide that answers the question as to whether Swagbucks is a Scam or worth a Punt?

..,When All’s Said & Done” This student guide to online surveys is just the tip of online earning.

I Moved to Northampton at the age of 4, grew up and studied Hospitality at Boothlane college. Went to London for 25years now back living in Northampton. Oh... and I love to shop! Don't be shy and have your say :o)