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Welcome To Northampton Uni – Now Let’s Get Organised!

Life as a student can be untidy, and when your environment is cluttered your brain can get into disorder too. So in this post we’ll look at ways to maximise your living and working space; not just in your house, lecture hall or library but in the jumbled wasteland that’s hardest to maintain control of… the human brain.

1.Ritual and ceremony are just pseudonyms for routine

We all know that a fridge with multiple owners is unlikely to be restaurant standard, but sometimes a student cooler might contain something that takes the biscuit… and makes it grow legs.👣

Taking control of these situations starts with you taking initial responsibility of checking there’s nothing funky in there every day, perhaps when you grab your coffee whitener of choice in the morning?

The intention will be to make sure your housemates SEE 👀 you removing some junk out of there, cheerfully wiping some surfaces with a sponge. Don’t aggressively say “this is everyone’s responsibility”, you won’t need to, because if people see you doing this every day and that it’s not bothering you, it subconsciously becomes normal to them. This may (🤞 )  encourage considering getting themselves involved in this unfamiliar procedure.

Then one day, after about a week (preferably on a day when the fridge has a bit of a putrid spill)  wait for a housemate to see you beginning your fridge cleaning ritual. Without warning, shout “I’m late!”, then put the sponge into your housemate’s hand, leaving the fridge door open as you run out of the house.  Hey presto, you’ll have a convert to your cleaning cult… maybe! 🤞

2.Feeling in control? Appsolutely!

Having a supercomputer in your pocket with more computing power than NASA during the 1969 moon landing is something we shouldn’t be complacent about!

As humans living in the big data age, unlocking the potential of your phone should be an obligation. So let’s download some cheesy apps! Want to know how many footsteps you are taking every day?

Google Fit is what you’re after. This app monitors multiple sensors in your phone to be a surprisingly low battery draining pedometer. It has developed so far since its launch in 2014 to compare your data to other Fit users in your area, adding a strangely competitive element to your self guided personal fitness strategy.

Want to get your finances in order? Moola is a great app set up specifically for students that will give you incentives to monitor your route to financial independence using a closed loop banking system. Vote for them to get a grant from VOOM here!

Speaking of finance, splitting a cheque can be a pretty awkward, but Divvy allows you and your pals to split a check based on its picture. Just photograph the receipt and it will make the calculations for you. Magic!

3.Apps squared, Using apps to control the apps

Next you need to get this information flowing into that device with efficiency. The best way to do this is to use the keyboard device SwiftKey. Whether you use tap- or swipe-based keyboards it’s the best app for learning how you talk while suggesting your next word for you meaning you type less while increasing accuracy.

You have a lot of plates spinning, so consolidation of all of this information will be an important step in developing your affiliate marketing strategy. Ideally you’ll have lots of sites you’ll need to embed links into, so you’ll need to keep up with which sites are generating the most clicks.

The best apps for this are probably Gmail or Outlook. If you want to keep a non gmail address simply use Import, incorporating them into the superior Gmail system.

Using labels and folders are very user friendly and will intelligently divide your email into categories that will simplify your response system. Create new labels using the left menu-bar. Once these are created, you can label your messages with suitable titles.

All you need to do is go to a message, click on Label button and choose which labels you wish to use. You will soon regain control of your emails as this process becomes second nature to you.

Microsoft’s Outlook wasn’t much to write home about until it merged with Sunrise in 2015. By extracting data for your mail it helps you to devise a schedule making access to your itinerary of meetings, people (with headshots), locations, who’s attending and who’s dropped out.

In the mail system the categories have been massively improved, with a user friendly drag and drop system that allows you to easily pigeonhole the priority of your mail.

4.Escape the Matrix, the pen is mightier than the phone

OK, Now your digital self is functioning efficiently you’ve got to keep your physical self grounded.

Do this the traditional way by getting a basic tear off notepad and a pen then keep it with you at all times. It is so easy to lose information if you only keep it as ‘data’ on a device that could run out of batteries.

If you have a solid physical note reminding you what you need to achieve today you soon get in the habit of crossing things off and adding new tasks… the leftovers of which can be consolidated into tomorrow’s list.

Looking at something that isn’t a glowing screen will also give you some reconnection time to the outside world.

5.Forgetting stuff? Simply add pockets!

Remember when bum bags were cool?

Nah me neither…

So get one, strap it on and prepare not only to look ironically badass but to never forget that MP3 player, battery charger or folding cutlery set that everyone else thinks you’re a genius for not forgetting.

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A handbag just doesn’t compete, EVERYONE has lost a handbag, whereas the minute you become detached from your securely fastened hobo blanket stick you’ll know about it!

I recommend always being in possession of a pair of scissors.

Surprisingly, this is the main object people will be impressed with you having about your person.

I Moved to Northampton at the age of 4, grew up and studied Hospitality at Boothlane college. Went to London for 25years now back living in Northampton. Oh... and I love to shop! Don't be shy and have your say :o)