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Can You Get a Better Holiday Rental By Choosing Airbnb?

... Images used are from real AirBnB holiday rental homes. A holiday is a time when you want to get away from it all. You want to soak up the sun on a warm beach somewhere or relax by the fireplace in a setting where snow covers the ground. Maybe you want to do something exciting like visit another culture and immerse yourself in it, or tackle a bucket list item with a thrill-seeking adventure s...

14 Black Friday Sales in Northampton

Black Friday sales have been increasingly popular over the past few years - originating from America, it happens on the last Friday of November (24/11/2017). With many major high street stores and online retailers giving heavy discounts for the day - and some continuing until midnight on Cyber Monday (27th November).There are loads of Black Friday Sales listed all over the internet ... BUT, o

How to Plan Christmas so you can Actually Enjoy it!

If you're anything like me, you look forward to Christmas and your kids love it, and at the beginning of November you start to get excited, buy a few Christmas Presents and maybe a decoration or two ... then you think you're well ahead of the game. The next thing you know, it's December 20th - you've got no money, no plans, no decorations and a house full of bored, over excited kids!Over the past ...