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Freebies and Discounts on your Birthday!

Did I mention it was my Birthday today? Birthdays are my favourite day of the year, I get to eat cake for breakfast, go shopping, have all my kids do whatever I tell them without arguments, have a lie in - did I mention cake for breakfast? You all know that I'm a bargain hunter by nature and over the years I've gathered quite a selection of Freebies and Discounts which I can only use around my

Healthy Option Deals At Waitrose.

Waitrose actually has some really good deals, not forgetting that if you have a mywaitrose card you can grab a free coffee and a newspaper while you're there!Packets and CerealsJordans Porridge Oats Traditional (750g) Only £1 (was £1.79)Eat Natural Fruits & Fibre Bar with Coconut, Apricots, Oat & Spelt Flakes (4x40g) Only £1.50 (was £2.49)Eat Natural Fruits & Fibre Bar with Plums and P

Something For Everyone This Weekend

No working for me this weekend so I will leave you all with a collection of my favourite things going on in Northampton this weekend, I've included something for everyone (well, I've tried to anyway!!)Seedy SaturdaySaturday 17th February, 10.30-4, Castle Hill URC, Northampton.No this isn't quite what it sounds like, unless the first thing you think of is a wholesome family event all about Gardenin

Up to 50% off Chinese Ready meals at Morrisons.

Happy Chinese New Year, and welcome to the year of the dog.If I had all the time that I wish I had and all of the skills in the kitchen of Tony, I may well be up for having a Chinese New Year feast like no other, but unfortunately I am me and my life just doesn't work that way! That doesn't mean we can't make a special day out of it though  .... enter the Chinese ready meal!!! OK, I know it's

Sweet Treats Deals At Tesco.

For those of us that aren't giving up everything sweet and lovely for Lent, there are some amazing deals to be had at Tesco this week. Everything here is at least 40% cheaper than the normal prices and most will keep in the fridge, freezer or cupboard for quite a while so stock up while you can! Cakey Stuff! Gu After Dark Melting Middle Puds (2x100g), ​ Gu Maple and Pecan Cheesecake Pies (2),

Northampton Valentines Day Deals

Today is Valentines Day, if you're anything like me you've just realised you really should have got organised before now! I've pulled together the best in-store deals in Northampton I can find - in order for you to convince your other half you didn't forget!12 Red Roses, £5 at Aldi.A dozen red roses is a classic Valentine’s gift that never goes out of style. So, treat someone special to Aldi’s Doz