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How to Earn Easy Cash Renting Your Home on Airbnb

If you’re looking to earn some easy cash, there’s an opportunity you might have overlooked. By renting your home out on Airbnb, you can make some extra money - and that’s something everyone can use. What It Means to Be a Host When you sign up for an Airbnb account, you have the potential to become a host. A host is someone who lists their place on the site and the potential renters can see the l

How to Safeguard Your Home & Stay Safe

We would all like a peace of mind knowing that our homes are safe when leaving or on holiday. Unfortunately, the greatest number of breaking and entering occurs when families are on holiday or away for longer periods. By installing a home security system, this dramatically reduces the chance of your home being burglarized. In addition, a home security system has other features such as options f...

Can You Get a Better Holiday Rental By Choosing Airbnb?

... Images used are from real AirBnB holiday rental homes. A holiday is a time when you want to get away from it all. You want to soak up the sun on a warm beach somewhere or relax by the fireplace in a setting where snow covers the ground. Maybe you want to do something exciting like visit another culture and immerse yourself in it, or tackle a bucket list item with a thrill-seeking adventure s...

Emergency Vehicle Snow Tires or Snow Socks, Not Rocket Science… It’s Simplez!

emergency vehicle snow-tires

In most the UK the streets are covered in snow and for the first time this year I find myself again wondering why emergency services vehicles don't have compulsory snow socks for their tires. It’s just passed midday and hearing about people trapped in cars for 12 hrs or more and facing the prospects pof another freeze night in vehicles tonight!I just can’t help but wonder why there isn’t comp