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AirBnB Northampton: have you noticed a rise?

Airbnb rentals uk

AirBnB Northampton rentals are growing at a fast rate with local rentals now passing the 200+ mark. It's a good chance that you or someone you know have stayed in an Airbnb room or apartment in the last 12 months. TBH compared to the costs of conventional hotel rooms or short term rentals Airbnb is a far cheaper option.

I first came across Airbnb when I was looking for a holiday apartment to rent with my children last autumn break. We ended up spent a couple of weeks in a beautiful garden condo in Grenada West indies. I've since found that the Airbnb website and app isn't just somewhere to book a holiday home.

It seems I'm way behind the curve realising the real growth of Airbnb Northampton hosts. There's a pocket of locals earning enough to pay for holidays, the weekly shop or even mortgages payments thanks to Airbnb - No wonder it's more peeps are showing an interested in the income opportunities.

What Is AirBnB? 

Airbnb is at it's basic a website or app that allows you to book somewhere to stay for a short break almost anywhere around the globe. The flip side of the site is that it also allows you a a host to list your space, be it a spare room or your whole property on their website for short term lets.

AirBnB Northampton

How To Become A Host

Becoming an Airbnb host is a quick and simple process, the website and app is very easy to navigate with only a few steps to complete to get your space listed.

  1. You’ll first fill out a description of you space, and of course remember folks will be reading it and choosing whether to stay with you or not. So don't embellish, but definitely share and sell the better points like wifi, own bathroom if applicable, garden, local amenities etc.
  2. Next you'll need to take and upload photos, now just think of those home remodeling programs and 'dress your rooms' ready for the pictures. The images you upload of your listing are probably the biggest selling point you can have for your Airbnb listing, so get great ones.
  3. Finally pick a price which isn't as hard as it sounds. As they'll be similar listings in your area and the airbnb app will suggest a price for your listing. You're not locked into that price, you can choose to either match or increase or cut your listing price at any time.

Your listing helps guests get a sense of what your place is like, as a minimum that's literally all you need to do. You can then set the availability of your listing, any house rules you want to add, and that's it.

What Can You Earn?

Is making easy money airbnb really as easy as they say...? After all it's all well and good having a holiday home in a sunny destination you can rent, but locally, are Airbnb Northampton rentals really viable? I'll share what I found in my own experiences making 1 single room available...

northampton airbnb listing

... as you can see I've circled the total earnings for the month of January. What started out as a trial to see if Airbnb Northampton was a viable income stream has proven to me that it is.... I've another double bedroom that I have standing empty in my house which I was considering for a long term private rental, but I'm seriously tempted to list that on Airbnb as well!

My Take On AirBnB

If you have a spare room there's no doubt that you can have an income with listing your space with. And as an incentive the Inland Revenue will allow you to earn £7500 tax free per year with your AirBnB listing, which means you can earn up to £650 pcm before being taxed on your AirBnB income, which sits beautifully with me!

It's a really convenient and alternative way to rent a room and for many including me it works. I've spoken to friends who couldn't entertain a stranger under their roof, personally I love meeting peeps from all over the world and it's great having some random international peeps stay every now and again.

I like how you are able to block off days that you don't want to have your space listed, and also that you can state how much time you want between listings.

Whether listing your AirBnB Northampton space or staying in an AirBnb apartment somewhere around the globe, this movement is certainly one way to save and make money.

Would you rent your space through AirBnB? 

I Moved to Northampton at the age of 4, grew up and studied Hospitality at Boothlane college. Went to London for 25years now back living in Northampton. Oh... and I love to shop! Don't be shy and have your say :o)
  • Hello Tony I was actually looking for information on Airbnb as my daughter was speaking to me about it.
    I clicked on that link and signed up to let my cottage in Roade just now.

    I’m quite excited about getting my first booking!

    • Hi George,
      I’m glad you found us and your get set-up to receive your first guest.
      I know that area nice around there and I often go to the Navigator which I don’t think is too far from you,

      Thanks for sharing your excitement, sounds like you’ll be a great host!

      Best of luck.

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